Wild Lilacs 18" X 24"  $2500

Hanging Rock, Newport RI 36"X48" (Private Collection)

Charles River Nocturne - A 12 foot by 5 Foot Triptych designed for an institutional or business installation. Corporate Art Acquisition Directors' inquiries welcome.  Price:  $22,000.00 (includes installation) 

This "at-a-glance" price chart will tell you what you can expect to pay in 2017 for this artist's work.

Unless indicated as being in a private collection, all work on this site is available through one of the galleries representing the artist:

Small (8X10, 9X12):  $1200 - $1800

Medium (14X18, 18X24):  $3200 - $4200

Large (24X30 and up): $5200 - $10000

Very large:  See "Charles River Nocturne" above.

New England Pastoral 18"X24"  $2500

Studio and Plein Air

Christmas Grouse 18"X24"  $2500

Blue Porcelain 18"X24" $2500.

Two Pink Lady's 24" X 18" $2800

New England Spring (Wellesley College Pond) (Private collection)


Small Paintings (8"X10")

The Old Oak 14”X18” (Private collection)

      ​​George A. Marks Jr

New England Impressionist

Email: gamlcm@verizon.net

Tel: 339-225-0639


American Impressionist Society


Gray's Sporting Journal 

Les Nymphaeas  "14X18"  $2200

Soaring II 18"X24"  $2500

The Old Pasture 14"X18"  $2200

​Up on the Sudbury River 18" X 24"  $2500

Cows in a Connecticut Landscape 11"X 14"(Private Collection)

Spring Nocturne (Sudbury River, Wayland, MA)  60" X 72"  $12,000

Winter Trout Brook !8"X24  $2800"

Summer Clouds  18" X 24"  $2500

Spring on Cherry Brook (Weston, MA)

The Bird Watching Club           18X24 $2500

          Attention Corporate and Institutional

      Art Acquisition Directors:  

Now available from Studio 221B, the above large work on canvas (60" X 72")  entitled Spring NocturneSudbury River, Wayland, MA) by well known New England impressionist, George A. Marks Jr. will turn any bare wall into a rewarding and delightful artistic experience. Designed for a corporate or institutional setting, this exciting new work by an important American artist is framed in red cedar and is ready to install in your facility. Contact the artist to arrange for a private viewing of this work, learn more about him and see more of his work by using the contact page on this site.

New England Still Life 20"X24"  $2400

Soaring 24"X36"  (Private Collection)

Bird Watchers 18"X24" (Private Collection)

On the Dunes  18"X24"  $2500

Snowy Egret  18"X24" (Private Collection)

Seeing A Nantucket Osprey  18X24"  $2500

​​High Pasture 11'X14". $2200

The Blue Boat 18"X24"  $2500

The Dragon Slayer 18"X 24" $2800

Trout Stream 24" X 18" (Private Collection)

Vermont Made 18" x 24" $2800

First Light on a Trout Stream  24"X30" (Private Collection)